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Understanding proper algorithm usage but don't get caught up in its jargon.

Focus on reaching real people and maintaining their audience to create actual revenue.

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What is Social Media Management?

It is the managing of all your media content systematically to help develop and grow your brand along with SEO tools such as hashtags, demographics, and keywords. Many companies and freelancers have distinct service definitions depending on the need, but they tend to be similar.

Such service usually entails ad management, efficient tool usage, campaign analytics, content creation and/or input, and scheduled posting, blogging, etc. There are several affordable marketing plans that include these services, and it all boils down to knowing what you want, need, and the quality level of the work you receive. Good rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.

If you seek a discount, it is very common to find low level work, which translates to no additional revenue. Social media marketing is an investment to be done with research.

Avoid algorithm jargon. Real marketers will usually tell you what they will do for you in practical, logical terms.

What is Virtual Assistance?

It is an assistant that handles your business and personal activity online. The work expected to be done is always done so through contract and commonly paid by hour with a minimum amount due monthly. Ways to communicate vary from text, email, video conference depending on the client's needs.

The main incentive is the benefit of having numerous tasks that vary in department and difficulty managed and efficiently accomplished while you handle other things. Your right hand for your daily endeavors.

The usual pay for such work averages $15 an hour, with a minimum of 40 or more hours a month. The level of expertise and degree of difficulty the job entails are a major factor in pricing, along with if you want to pay up front for the year or monthly as you go, there are usually financial incentives to steer you towards yearly plans.

That may most likely be the best route for most businesses, brands, investors and professionals since it truly alleviates daily pressures.

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Reliable Handling

Meant to have your tedious and time-consuming daily chores and tasks taken care of exactly as you order.

An assistant remotely takes care of managing clients, schedules, appointments & more for you.

Building your Vision

Establishing a brand identity is crucial to launching your business and gaining reach.

Then a solid foundation to promote your marketing campaigns.

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What is Branding and Marketing?

Essentially, the entire process of a successful business and brand.

Branding is the process of creating a company out of your vision and turning it into an organized reality. Marketing is the method in which you create relationships between the company brand and all of its audiences. This is by advertisements, presenting media, announcements and any means of getting a brand to its consumer.

These two essential processes can be done by anyone, and therefore usually are done by just anyone. You won't have to look far if you're looking for someone to market your product. Probably many taglines and selling points about algorithms and trade secrets rather than transparency.

But like any industry, there are various levels of professionalism and service quality. Most importantly, the results are just not always the same. In marketing, almost nothing is guaranteed, but a systematic approach usually limits unnecessary spending and optimizes successful campaigns.

Ultimately, they are both tedious and time-consuming processes that take effort, but essential in launching any business, company, store, music career, or brand.

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is the basis of your business as far as reach is concerned. That means that it is what you use to talk to your audience, the amount of people you reach with the content is considered your “reach”.

It can include any type of creative (media content like a video used as an ad) such as images, graphics, videos, audio, text, blogs, quotes, captions, statements, message responses, and more. Content can be vector logos, coming up with clever email responses, or titles for web pages etc Basically if you can see it, watch it, hear it, or read it then it's content.

As the common theme seems to be, the quality can range from elite professional grade work that competes with any major corporate or luxury brand to minimalistic simple content that cater to a more modest campaign. And just as the quality of work differs, so does the price range.

The level of Quality

Your audience can tell how much was invested into your craft and service.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

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Modern Contacts

Meant to share your info instantly and never miss an opportunity.

Avoids having to spell out usernames, emails, and phone numbers.

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What are digital business cards?

It is a modern contact sharing method which consists of someone sharing a one click link or by letting someone scan their QR code. You can also usually scan their NFC on their actual business card, which usually carries additional costs. Instantly give access to your professional resume, contact info, company brand, restaurant menu, luxury accommodation cards, etc.

It has become most popular after the covid pandemic began. The world leaned towards these type of non-contact methods of communication and digital business cards have really related to the public, specifically the career professionals and brands that have to network as part of their daily routine.

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What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development?

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What's the difference between design & development?

The difference is..

That development refers to the actual construction of the site as far as the function and set up of the site, while design is focused more on the look and the interface which will be used by your audience.

In other words, development is just the making of the site through code and program software to give you what you want for your business, e-commerce store, or brand.

You basically let the developer know what you want and how you want it to look exactly, as well as how you want it to function, and they develop what you dictate. This usually takes enough effort from your part to provide the proper in depth details and wireframe necessary to fulfill the job correctly.

Don't try to save money on design and not be fully prepared because that would only harm your own creation. Never wait til the last minute.

Web Design is the creation of your site by allowing the designer to completely take your vision into their hands. They allocate images, content, links, product catalogs, etc. according to the business model and objective of the site. From aesthetic management to interface set up.

It is important to know what you really need without selling yourself short, but not overspending on frivolous services. Seek for experience but also focus on what modern methods and content you see and arming yourself with these services' knowledge will allow you to manage your projects efficiently.

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Website Maintenance

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What really is back-end maintenance?

Simply put,
it is the managing of a collection of tedious tasks
that keep your website running smoothly and up to date
with backups and support in case anything ever happens.

What is Website Maintenance?

Simply Put,

… It is the managing of a collection of tedious tasks that keep your website running smoothly and up to date with backups and support in case anything ever happens.

This allows you to add new functionality, fix bugs and maintain a consistently secure network, because as your business continues to develop, evolve, and adapt to the market - so will your software.

They also help with outdated data feeds or broken APIs or SDKs, coding issues and more, but to really know what you're paying for you need to understand that there are two main methods to receive and pay for website maintenance.

First, it's the general maintenance that gives you the security of knowing that your site is being taken care of regardless of whether you remember to or not. Essentials are handled which includes updates, security, hosting and what it needs to operate efficiently.

Then there is the more inclusive maintenance, which is usually a mandatory custom quote that allows you to decide what you need and how often. This includes more custom tasks that can include managing web content, consistently updating listing images and content, and product inventory.

This service is nearly synonymous with virtual assistance, but the tasks solely focused on the actual website and its software programs. This tends to be most beneficial for professionals and brands that are constantly offering their audience content, products and services such as real estate agents, plastic surgeons, music artists, influencers among others.

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to get custom quotes on services, packages deals, and membership incentives which include discounts on income generating social media marketing strategy plans.