Digital Business Card/Landing Page


Basically, it’s an attractive website all about you and your businesses or craft.

A virtual card containing all the contact info and payment methods that you want shared, all in an attractive design. Add content such as an about me, real estate listings, videos, images and more.

Also for businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, real estate agents & more to share with clients.




Gallery & more

So you can add your products and direct links so that clients can get in contact easy and quickly.


*FREE 6 month hosting


Virtual Business Card

$350.00 includes FREE Hosting for 120 DAYS

After 120 DAYS $10.95 Monthly Hosting or pay $99 Yearly

Personalized digital card that carries all of your contact info and social networks, making it the fastest way to exchange info through a tap/click. Also contains all of your essential payment methods.

A landing page about you or anything you need it to be about.


  1. Prepare yourself with the quickest way to exchange your contact info and all social networks links in a room full of opportunities.
  2. Personalize your own card and make it one of a kind to our Custom colors, custom fonts, custom URLs, QR Codes, link Icons & more.
  3. For Practical Use
  4. No need to exchange phone numbers and have social awkward moments when anyone can just scan your QR Code and have access to your entire professional contact info.
  5. Professional Brand Identity – Present yourself as you want to be identified by including all the information you want people to know in an easy to read & attractive format that impressions you. 
  6. Easy way to place all of your virtual payment methods in one platform where anyone can scan and see, then wait to receive your revenue.


1 Revision every month, so 12 x 1 year

These are the elements available for your custom digital card and brand: 

  • About Me –  550 character max
  • Custom Font & Colors
  • Custom Responsive Effects & Text Effects
  • Custom Links & URLs (URL including the name you want shown on the search bar)
  • Responsive Social Media Icons
  • Essential Personal & Business Contact information
  • Brand Description 
  • Event & Launching Countdown, & Announcements                                              
  • Logo Placement & Image Gallery
  • Portfolio of images showcasing yourself, work, products  
  • Link Design & QR Code 
  • Video Media Placement
  • Secure Payment Platform 


ADD- ONS *one time fee*

– White label (includes VBC & Link Card) – $20.00

– Additional 5 Revisions a month – $20.00

– Unlimited Revisions for One year – $50.00

– Motion Graphics & links For your page – $50.00

– Additional Linked Pages – $150.00 per page

Corporate Bulk Orders

More Than 5 – 5% OFF

More than 10 – 8% OFF

More than 25 – 15% OFF

50 or more – Custom Quote

*% is discounted from initial cost, not including the yearly hosting cost.

With contractual security clauses to protect you, your information and your content.


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